Dawna DéCorby, Mathematics BA
A Roman Catholic

Someone to Watch Over Me

Copyright 2015 Dawna Dé Corby

The world can be overwhelming when you believe you are facing it alone; but that is not the case. The truth is that we have an all knowing, all seeing and ever present God considering our welfare and providing for us all.

Christ is watching over you, guiding your course carefully, designing the best way to bring you into a deeper relationship with himself. There is no such thing as luck but there is destiny. Life is the physical groundwork for you to demonstrate whether or not you want a relationship with Christ. It is the only question in this life, and the choices you make demonstrate your intentions.

We do not all start out at a point of perfect faith and rarely on the correct path, but where ever we begin is where Christ meets us on our journey and he will guide us to him. Although you had not considered Christ he has always been faithful. The valleys and hills that we experience are there to benefit us and help us develop spiritually and trust in the Lord. Christ is faithful and has promised all of us that he will never abandon us.

I had been raised with an awareness of God the Father and Jesus Christ yet I cannot say I had always lived my life with the full awareness of who Christ is to me. At times, in the midst of chaos, I had thought that I had to forge my own way in the world and that was overwhelming. As I struggled to make something of myself I found that I struggled endlessly feeling like a victim of fate. I felt that others were actively out to sabotage me and my destruction was a priority to others.

Not so. Truly it is merely a story of different people primarily concerned with themselves and their own lot in life, as my cousin would say. There surely is nothing more pitiful than watching someone attempt to function in a world where they believe they must be self-reliant. If that were the case than surely no one among us would survive and it is understandable why some fall prey to depression and despair.

The burden of life disappears the moment you come to realize that you have “someone to watch over you” and that someone is Christ! The difference in your perception goes from gloom and doom to joy and peace when you begin to have faith in Christ. In that instant your life will be transformed. Despair turns to victory and uncertainty into peace!

Christ has a plan for your life that is so incredibly beautiful that you would almost not dare to believe it is true. It is his desire for you that he will provide for you if you turn to him in faith. Contemporary society tells us of how we are supposed to be independent or self-sufficient which may sound reasonable, but is contrary to the Father's design. Rather we are to rely primarily on Christ for ALL our needs and he will supply.

You are not alone, nor will you ever be alone. Christ will always be there waiting for you to reach for him.

 Yours in Christ !

Dawna DeCorby

Blessed by loving parents I was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition in the community of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Currently I work in the financial sector doing bookkeeping but my true passion is learning more about my faith and pursuing my interests of writing, drawing and painting. 

We were really only asked one question in life and that is "Do you want a relationship with Jesus Christ?" and our response is demonstrated by the manner in which we live our lives. 

I attend St. Anthony's Parish here in Regina and have a blessed life with the love and the companionship of my friends, family and my 3 adorable cats.  The turn around in my life was September 01, 1992 when I completed the 15 Prayers of Saint Bridget, a year long devotion to the passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

And it is my hope to live my life in a manner that would please Jesus.

May the peace of Christ be with you all.


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